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Your professional balloon artist

Leading balloon decoration service

Collection for our store or a  venue decorating service is available. Balloon stage, balloon release and balloon printing. We can provide a service or advice about all three. Balloons have size, colour, movement and communicate a positive and festive atmosphere.

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Variety balloons decoration ideas.

Balloons decoration for occassion

We provide balloon decoration for different occasions, we will add magical touch with our balloon decoration idea for you. Balloons decoration are the spirit of any occasion.

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Attractive balloons for printing

Balloons printing and bouquet

We offers ballons for printing and bouquet for your special day. We will help you with great combination of ballons decoration idea for you.

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Your wholesales balloons distributor.

Balloons wholesales and retail

We offer wholesale and retails for balloons and party supplies. We are the ideal option for your balloons decoration and accessories supply.

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Your balloons decoration specialist

Custom themed balloons

Delon offers a unique variety of custom themed balloons for every special occasions with decorative desire. We add personal touch to your memorable events such as your party, wedding or any special occasions with our custom themed balloons!

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Check how balloons bring you entertainment

Delon balloons and gifts

Balloons Wholesale & Retail

Delon is a provider of wholesale balloons for any special occasion. We offer excellent quality of balloons with huge of selection that you needs. We will guarantee your occasion will suit your needs and wants. We are proud to distribute Qualatex, Sempertex, Anagram, Link-O-Loon, Hi-Float, Betallic and Conwin in Malaysia.

  • Balloons printing

  • Balloons bouquet delivery

  • Balloons equipment

  • Party items

  • Foil Balloons, Mylar Balloons, Latex Balloons

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Explore the world of balloons art

Delon balloon academy
Twisting Balloons Workshop
  • Basic twisting

  • Advanced twisting

  • Customized workshop

Balloons Decoration Workshop
  • Wedding decoration

  • Decoration course

  • Customized workshop

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