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Your one stop balloons decoration service
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Our special balloons services

About Delon

Delon Balloons & Gifts is established since 2007 and converted to My Delon Balloons Sdn Bhd in 2017; located in Johor, Malaysia. We are the most well known balloons company in Johor. In the period of more than 9 years, we have proudly manage to create many balloons event for corporate dinner, wedding, birthday, marriage propose, exhibition, road show for different cities and internationally.

We are proud to distribute all well known international brand of balloons such as Qualatex, Sempertex, Anagram, Link-O-Loon, Hi-Float, Betallic and Conwin in Malaysia. We are also sole distributor for a new brand, MYTEX.

Balloons decoration
Unique balloons decoration ideas

We provide balloons decoration whether you are planning wedding, cooperate events or celebrating an anniversary.

Special message
Show your love by giving balloons

We provide balloon printing service to give special message for someone or advice about balloon colour and size.

Balloons education programme
Professional balloons expert

We provide balloons education programme for business or balloons artist to make events into an extravagant.

We are not selling balloons but a memorable moment

The dramatic visual impact of balloons

Balloons have size, colour, movement, and communicate a positive and festive atmosphere. Big-blocks of colour that have both motion and emotion. The dramatic visual impact of balloons decorationensures your event or message be the center of attention. It is this feeling of being the center of attention thats make your event memorable, and makes people feel special and happy. Strictly speaking , ” Surprise , joy, moving” is our product.

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