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Create fantastic balloons display with our academy

Balloons decoration & twisting workshop

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Delon has been established since year 2007. Balloons can be easily lovable by anyone. It is represent your love and happiness. These multi-coloured balloons have its power to charm and to bring joyful moments to people’s around the world and now it is an opportunity for you to charm people by balloons decoration & twisting. We are very honoured to invited anyone who are interested to learn a new things which be your great hobby or even making money.

Welcome to enter the extraordinary life of being balloonist. Do you remember the first time you saw a spiral garland column, swag or arch and the wonderful way the colours wrapped around themselves? Do you remember its perfect form? How it made you feel? The effects of simple balloon garland are truly magical both visually and profitably. We have conduct lots of balloons workshop since 2007 and we will setup some workshop for those who want to learn about balloons twisting and balloons decoration.

Your one stop destination for balloons academy

Create professional looking balloon displays.

Our academy  will take your balloons decor skill to the next level.  We teach people how to make balloons decoration in a fun way.Delon bring joyful moments to people’s around the world with balloons.

Twisting Balloons Workshop

Basic Twisting ( Every 3rd of the Months )

Basic Technique, Single & Double Balloons Sculpture
3 Hours

RM 150
Advanced Twisting ( Every 15th of the Months )

Basic Techniques & Famous Cartoon Characters
5 Hours

RM 250
5pax Customized Workshop

Basic Techniques, Single Balloons Sculpture or Choose any 5 Desire Design
5 Hours

decor sept 2014

Balloons Decoration Workshop

Wedding Decoration
Decoration Course
Christmas Decoration