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Balloons and gifts business

Franchising is part of Delon’s business. Balloon decoration industry is an emerging industry which is widely used in commercial advertising, product promotion, opening ceremony, exhibition promotion and variety shows.

We are proud that our customers are satisfied with our emerging model balloons decoration, ranging from listed companies, government and private entrepreneurs. Delon offers a limitless selection of party supplies with widest selection of balloons for every occasion.

Market segments to be nurturing

Balloon decoration industry in Malaysia is in initial stage of development, awareness of the industry, are blurry, the current operational projects are more limited.

Business philosophy

Our mangement team are balloon’s insistence and persistence and we continue to create miracles and professional with you to create a most memorable day.

Gradually narrowing profit margins

Balloons decoration industries is not have the price guidelines, amateur balloonist are competing prices in charging and resulting in vicious competition of profit.

Fantastic franchise opportunities

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We offers franchise opportunities for you, let grab the chance to be part of us. We are skillful in balloon decoration, experience and professional in balloons making.

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Balloons gives you more business opportunities

Franchise opportunities

If you have questions or are interested in franchise opportunities, please complete our franchise inquiry form. Come & join us for franchise opportunities.